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High time for hygge time

Hygge is the art of conscious cosiness and we are sure that for you, like us, there is no hygge without a dogge. What’s the point in snuggling up on a chilly evening without the hound? Their restful and comforting presence by the fire helps elicit the deep-down sensation that all is right in the world: and THAT is the very essence of hygge.

But did you know that dogs can show us HOW to hygge like professionals? They have been masters at it for centuries, long before the Danes exported it to us and got us buying inordinate amounts of cushions in coordinating neutrals and enough scented candles to sink a battleship. Think about it: while we bustle around from task to task, careering from work to the gym, racing from school drop off to social engagement, our dogs stay home. They spend their days curled up in the sun, taking naps, stretching out, pottering happily. Their entire day centres around the pursuit of self-care and comfort. Hygge-tastic. So when it comes to scheduling some therapeutic self-care for yourself and indulging in a little hygge at home, look no further than your dog to give you all the best tips.

Here are 5 ways your dog is a champion hyggerer (yes, that’s word)

1 Dogs live in the moment

Hygge goes hand in hand with mindfulness. The concept of hygge is inextricably linked to the ability to embrace the now. Dogs are JEDI EXPERTS at living in the now. Learn from them! The past is gone; you can’t do anything about it. The future is unknown. The only thing you can really enjoy and affect is the present moment.

2 Comparison is the thief of joy – don’t be robbed!

Do you think your terrier ever wishes he was a poodle? Do you think he ever gives a second’s thought to how other dogs live and eat? Do they feel resentful towards those dogs with bigger, more luxurious dog beds? No. Humans are probably the only species that feels resentment like this and constantly compares themselves to others in the species. The only accomplishment of this comparison is weighing you down emotionally and keeping you from moving forward in life. While you hygge, don’t compare. Be thankful for what you have right here, right now. Like your doggo.

3 You don’t snooze, you lose

Your dog understands the importance of getting enough sleep. Hygge is about making sure you are properly rested and rejuvenated. As you may suspect, true rest does not involve your phone. Turn it off. Set a time at night to put your phone away and don’t check it until morning. If your dog checks his emails then you can too. But until he does, stay away from the screen. Have a proper rest.

4 Eat Right

In a culture where often the most fattening and heavy foods are dubbed “comfort food,” it is hard to see the truth – wholesome, home-cooked, nutritious food is the true food of hygge. Nature’s Harvest has your dogs’ needs covered and offers nutrient-rich ….ENTER PRODUCT DETAILS for their meals. Take equally good care of yourself with a casserole packed with veggies, plenty of fruit and nuts to snack on, and lots of water to drink. Self-care is exactly that – taking care of yourself – and that means your nutritional needs too. Believe us, you’ll feel better for it!

5 Connection, connection, connection

Connection is at the core of contentment. Spending quality time at home with the humans and animals you love is the most important part of practising perfect hygge. Whether simply sitting together, playing a boardgame, or enjoying a calming activity like giving your dog a good go over with a grooming brush, togetherness is at the core of hygge.

The Danes may be famous for being the happiest nation in the world, and have successfully got us all seeking their hygge secrets to contentment and cosiness. But the true experts have been in our homes all along. Take a page from your puppy’s book of calm and make sure to live in the moment, stop the constant comparisons, rest properly, enjoy nourishing food and spend time together as a family or with friends.

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