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Spotlight: Senior Dog Nutrition

Everyone loves a puppy: it’s an almost universal truth. We are hard-wired to find their little stubby, pudgy faces adorable; we are all programmed to find small creatures endearing. It’s not just puppies, we find almost all baby animals more pleasing to look at than their parents. Being appealing lends a natural advantage because the more adults (animals and humans) invested in your safety and security – the more likely your survival.

But as our dogs age we form a different kind of a bond. They no longer evoke that same reaction, that same universal “aaahhhhh” that stops people in the street. Do you remember your first trips out with your puppy? A ten minute walk took an hour and a half because you were constantly being stopped by strangers cooing and asking to pet them. But your pet becomes more important to you, not less, as they grow up because you form a very special relationship, particular to just you two. And as your dog grows older and their joints start to age, their digestive system begins to slow slightly, and their requirements change, we at Nature’s Harvest have the best nutrition to offer them to show them how much you still care – even though they are no longer small and cute – so that you can relax in knowing that you are giving them all the things they need as they get older.

Perfect for dogs aged 7 and onwards, Nature’s Harvest Senior Chicken is a great choice for your more mature canine buddy, and here’s why:

• it is gently steamed so it is full of nutrients, as these aren’t cooked off or killed with high heat
• we add brown rice to increase fibre which aids in binding, which is great for digestion and making pick-up-able-poos (yes, we went there)
• it is boosted with glucosamine and chondroitin to support joints and limbs that aren’t as young as they used to be
• it uses chicken as a protein source which is high in vitamins and protein (the majority of dogs have no trouble digesting chicken)
• Our Senior Chicken is made with human grade chicken – (we value our canine pals too much to give them food made with parts of protein sources that are not for human consumption…unlike some dog foods)
• It is made with natural herbs and Vitamin C to help protect cells from damage
• We add a little yeast extract to strengthen their immunity which can weaken as your dog gets older
• It contains good fats such as Omega 3 and 6 to help maintain healthy skin and glossy coats – because they are worth it!

So, show your dog a little love in their senior years with Nature’s Harvest Senior Chicken complete dog food, because we all know that dogs (like us) deserve love and care – even when they are past their prime and no longer quite as cute as they used to be.

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