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Nature’s Harvest Pet Food focuses on supporting healthy pets and happy owners. All our range of natural, hypoallergenic dog food is manufactured in the UK using the finest ingredients. Our aim is to feed your furry family members with only the most wholesome, nutritious foods, helping them become the best they can be.

The Nature’s Harvest natural pet food range is crafted with the freshest cuts of meat, fish and vegetables and we make sure all our ingredients are to “human-grade” standard.

We’ve created recipes without artificial flavour enhancers, colours or preservatives and we do not use synthetic additives to prolong the shelf life of our products. We gently steam our dog food over a longer period, keeping food moist without destroying the nutrients within.

Nature’s Harvest favours the small batch, made to order method. Our wet food is gently steamed over a longer period of time to maintain as much ingredient goodness as possible and reduce the breakdown of nutrients in our food. This is vacuum sealed in a recyclable tray ready to be sent out to you. We add ingredients to our Nature’s Harvest pet food range including immune system boosters, ingredients that are kind to sensitive stomachs, maintain fit and supple joints and give dogs healthy skin and shiny coats.

Nature’s Harvest is a brand of Judge’s Choice Petfood Ltd. In 1996, Judge’s Choice Petfood Ltd was granted the Royal Warrant for the supply of pet food to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. There are only 800 companies in the UK that are granted the Royal Warrant and it is an honour of the highest magnitude.

The Royal Household acknowledges the commitment of Judge’s Choice Petfood Ltd and its brands to providing the highest standards of service, quality and excellence.