Chicken and Brown Rice - Puppy food - 10 pack


Chicken and Brown Rice - Puppy food - 10 pack


The best puppy food, UK Made and Sourced. 

Does your puppy have food allergies and dietary sensitivities to beef, pork, or fish? Allergies and digestive disturbances are never fun for anyone, even for our pets. Finding the right food for them can be quite tricky as diagnosing which ingredients trigger them.

With Nature’s Harvest Chicken and Brown Rice puppy food, you are sure that what you give your little furry family member is all clean, natural, and is free from any harmful ingredients.

It is naturally rubbed with herbs and vitamin C for added nutrition and to help boost their immune system. The puppy food is also rich in antioxidant properties, yeast extracts, and Omega 3 and 6 that are involved in cell membrane structure and function, thus, promoting optimal coat and skin health.

We use only the finest human-grade chicken high in protein, vitamins, and necessary fats. To ensure that it is safe for your puppy, we thoroughly and carefully cooked it in a simple yet proven formula that won’t upset your puppy’s delicate and growing stomach.

We made sure that all the goodness, nutrients, and flavour are intact during the cooking process. Your little one will surely enjoy the delicious taste.

Brown rice is a great source of natural fibre to aid in digestion, especially for puppies. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates needed for their very active lifestyle.

All the ingredients are natural and ethically sourced including our glucosamine and chondroitin which are added to promote healthy joints and bones for your little furry friend.

Nature’s Harvest supports happy owners and their pets to have access to superior quality dog foods that are naturally hypoallergenic made from only the finest ingredients.

Our Puppy food does not contain any meat or vegetable nasties, fillers, wheat, dairy, soya, artificial flavours or colours, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients commonly found in commercial pet foods. These nasties can badly cause allergies, especially to young dogs and can even lead to serious health problems later in their adult lives.

Suitable for Puppies aged 2 - 12 months

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