Chicken, Tripe and Brown Rice - Adult dog food - 10 pack


Chicken, Tripe and Brown Rice - Adult dog food - 10 pack


Chicken, tripe and brown rice adult dog food.  The meal choice for active dogs with active palates! It’s always been a source of wonder, and occasional horror, that a creature with such a fine nose could find such delight in eating such awful things when you’re out together on a country walk. The truth is, of course, dogs are evolved from the wolf, an animal famous for taking its meals on the go, omnivorous with a capital Oh! Fast-forward a few thousand years and, thankfully, there’s a cleaner, tastier and safer way to satisfy their roving tastes, whilst providing all the natural goodness they really need.

Tripe is low in calorieBased on a deliciously simple formula, this recipe for adult chicken, tripe and brown rice is packed full of protein, vitamins and essential fats, everything gently steamed to seal in the flavour. Chicken is a firm favourite, lean, easily digestible, nutritionally balanced. s but high in important elements such as Selenium, Vitamin B-12 and Zinc, all of which promote cardiovascular health, a strong immune system and healthy bones and joints. There are no fillers, artificial colours, preservatives or any other kind of nasty. Just a balanced and nutritious meal that’ll keep your dog bounding ahead in great shape, even if it’s towards something you’d really rather it wasn’t!


Why not give the meal a little extra wild crunch by topping it off with Nature's Harvest Wheat Gluten Free Mixer? 


There's also add Seaweed. It’s an excellent, natural source of a whole range of minerals, including calcium, iron and magnesium. It’s also high in iodine, vital for healthy thyroid function. Together they help your dog maintain a strong metabolism, especially important as they get older.

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