Raw Made Easy - Ocean Fish and Sweet Potato Pie Dog Food - Hypoallergenic British Cold Pressed Goodness


Raw Made Easy - Ocean Fish and Sweet Potato Pie Dog Food - Hypoallergenic British Cold Pressed Goodness


A wholesome blend of ocean fish, sweet potatoes, pure vegetables and botanical herbs gently pressed at low temperatures preserving the integrity and nutritional values of all the ingredients. As convenient as dry food and as nutritious as raw. A complete meal rich in flavour for an enhanced dining experience for your dog.  

Close to nature, closest to natural. 

At Nature’s Harvest, our mission is to support healthy pets and happy owners. This is why our cold pressed natural formulas are suitable for all breeds and all life stages, from puppies of 4 weeks to senior dogs. We use only the finest ingredients in our easy-to-digest recipes making our products in this cold pressed range free from grain, gluten, rice, soya, dairy, artificial additives and preservatives, but full of love. 

Nature’s Harvest Raw Made Easy Cold Pressed Ocean Fish & Sweet Potato Pie recipe

  • is pressed at low temperatures preserving all vital nutrients in-tact and as close to their un-pressed state as possible
  • is hypoallergenic and ideal for dogs with known food intolerances, sensitive digestive issues and grain allergies
  • strengthens and supports immune systems
  • aids in the reduction of wind in dogs
  • is made with fully traceable ingredients
  • is highly palatable and great for fussy eaters
  • is made using small batch production so that the food is always fresh
  • is made in the UK

Nature’s Harvest Raw Made Easy Cold Pressed Ocean Fish & Sweet Potato Pie recipe contains:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • no soya, dairy or artificial additives
  • no gluten or grains 
  • no animal derivatives or added sugars 
  • higher amounts of human-grade ocean fish giving rich protein levels

This product can also be purchased at a discounted price on Subscription. The Subscription Service allows you to place an order for your dog food once and then sit back, safe in the knowledge that you are saving money and your canine family member will receive delivery of their favourite dog food every month!

(on average, each bite-sized piece of Cold Pressed food is around 8-10mm diameter and 5-20mm in length)

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