Ocean Fish and Brown Rice - Adult dog food - 10 Pack


Ocean Fish and Brown Rice - Adult dog food - 10 Pack


Nature’s Harvest gently steamed complete food for adult dogs made with ocean fish and brown rice is formulated to match a dog’s natural diet, using only the finest ingredients. Real ocean fish with whole brown rice and vegetables is used and this food does not contain any of the meat and vegetable derivatives or fillers that are often found in other pet foods. 

This recipe for ocean fish dog food is a simple, balanced and nutritious meal, giving your dog all the strength and vitality it needs for that game of throw and catch over the park (or in the case of one dog I know, throw and watch as they parade around showing off).

Only human-grade quality salmon and firm white fish is used - no fillers, nasty preservatives or artificial flavours. Ocean fish is a great choice for dogs. Not only is it lean and tasty and easily digestible, it’s also a top source of protein and vitamins. Brown rice is added to give the fibre your dog needs for bowel health and regularity. For a little extra help to keep those joints nimble and pain-free, we add Glucosamine and Chondroitin; yeast extract to boost the immune system; Vitamin C and a selection of natural rubbed herbs for an extra wag, and salmon oil to promote healthy skin and glossy coats. The whole recipe is then slowly steamed to lock in all the goodness and flavour.


Why not top off the meal with some Nature’s Harvest Wheat Gluten Free Mixer? It’ll add extra crunch - and increase your dog's chew time!


Salmon Oil: Fish-derived Omega-3 oil has been shown to have significant health benefits. Not only does it help promote cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of stroke, but it is also rich in several important vitamins such as A, B3 and D - all key components in your dog’s health. We have also added Cranberry extract to the recipe, a rich source of antioxidants. Cranberries are a naturally effective way of preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria in the urinary tract, avoiding the painful and debilitating effects of urinary infections.

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