Original Variety Pack Dog Food - Five flavours - Duck Tripe Lamb Fish Turkey


Original Variety Pack Dog Food - Five flavours - Duck Tripe Lamb Fish Turkey


Our Made in the UK Dog Food is prepared with best meat products, is wheat gluten-free. Simply the best dog food!

The Nature’s Harvest Variety Pack – perfect for a dog that likes variety! 

Containing 5 different recipes:
Duck, Chicken and Brown Rice (2 trays)
Chicken, Tripe and Brown Rice (2 trays)
Lamb and Brown Rice (2 trays)
Ocean Fish and Brown Rice (2 trays)
Turkey and Brown Rice (2 trays)
Our Nature’s Harvest recipe has been based on a simple delicious formula, packed full of protein, vitamins and essential fats.  Everything is gently steamed to seal in the flavour.  There are no fillers, preservatives or artificial colours in our recipes. Just the very best, human-grade meats, and a sprinkling of naturally sourced ingredients, all carefully selected so that each tray provides your dog with a balanced and nutritious meal.

The Protein

  • Chicken is a firm favourite. Lean, easily digestible, nutritionally balanced.
  • Tripe is low in calories but high in important elements such as Selenium, Vitamin B-12 and Zinc, all of which promote cardiovascular health, a strong immune system and healthy bones and joints.
  • Lamb is packed with essential amino acids and dietary fats, it’s also a rich provider of all those B vitamins (2, 3, 6 and 12) so important for the maintenance of an adult dog’s nervous system.
  • Turkey is rich in essential nutrients such as riboflavin and phosphorous, and makes a healthy, satisfying dog food.
  • Ocean Fish is easily digestible and packed full of Omega 3, for healthy skin and glossy coats.

Nature’s Goodness

  • An excellent, natural source of a whole range of minerals, including calcium, iron and magnesium. It’s also high in iodine – vital for healthy thyroid function. Helps to maintain strong metabolism, especially important for an older dog.
  • Yucca extract aids the removal of nasty toxins that can cause cell damage. Also effective in promoting smooth digestion, with the added benefit of reducing ‘doggy odours’ – a fact you’ll appreciate if you’re the one doing the picking-up!
  • Rosemary has excellent antioxidant properties, helping in the fight against heart disease and cancer, as well as promoting good digestive health.
  • Cranberry is a rich source of antioxidants and naturally effective in preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria in the urinary tract, avoiding the painful and debilitating effects of urinary infections.
  • Oregano has high antioxidant and flavonoid properties. A flavonoid is a naturally occurring plant pigment that not only helps the body mitigate the harmful activity of free radicals, but also has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Oregano is also known to help dogs with digestive problems that cause loose bowels and wind.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin help maintain healthy bones and joints.
  • Vitamin C has antioxidant properties
  • Yeast extract to build a strong immune system

Suitable for Adult Dogs (1-7 years) 

Please also see individual products for full details of Ingredients and nutrition.

Made in the UK 

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