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Autumn dog walks

There’s lots to love about autumn, it is a veritable feast for the senses: pumpkin spiced stuff, the feeling of slipping back into your favourite boots, the satisfying shine of conkers littering the pathways, the sound of the crackling fire, the smell of wood-smoke in the air, the early-morning mist…we could go on and on (something we are often accused of) but there is one thing about autumn that beats all the others: the colours of the leaves turning.

2019 – Bumper Year

Apparently, according to reliable sources (Google AND The Guardian. Double whammy.), this year’s leaf colours promise to be particularly rich and glorious – something to do with the weather patterns and late summer sun. There are some fantastic spots around the country to witness the autumn show that our flora put on for us at this time – just take a look at the National Trust website to find a venue to enjoy near you:


Many of these fantastic outdoor locations are perfect for a long, autumn dog walk too. The way that our canine pals relish dashing about in the fallen leaves puts an even shinier gloss on this time of year. Their joy in the great outdoors enhances our joy and reminds us of all the things that are really important in life.

Try Somewhere New

With all the beautiful autumn colours, sounds and smells in the air, be inspired to try a different walk this autumn to see the landscape in all its red, gold, yellow and green splendour. Set out early, put the dog in the car and venture out into unchartered woodland territory and enjoy a family adventure – or even some well-earned peace and solitude.

Company and Crowds

Walking can be a fantastic sociable activity: a chance for a proper catch-up with family and friends without screens or distractions, or even the opportunity to spark new friendships if you join a dog walking group. But a long walk on your tod can also be just the tonic if you have some mental laundry to sort – it is a wonderfully meditative activity, and can calm and quieten a busy mind, hectic from a week of work and stress. St Augustine said “Solvitur Ambulando” – “It is solved by walking” – and we agree. Most things in Latin are true, you know. Clever folk, those Romans.

So whether you are venturing out with a bunch of buddies, fleeing the nest with the family, or braving it just the two of you – you and the doggo – don’t forget to take plenty of warm clothes and waterproof shoes so that nothing can stop you from enjoying the invigorating walk in the crisp air. You can also take a photo of you and your dog on an insta-worthy autumn ramble and post it with the hashtag #nhautumnwalk and see the Nature’s Harvest community out and about this month, tramping through the undergrowth with their gorgeous canine pals.

Healthy Meals for Reward

Don’t forget to stock up on nutritious dog food for your return home (and a good home-made dinner for yourself too) as nothing stirs the appetite like a stroll in the fresh air – in dogs and humans too!

Nature’s Harvest Grain Free Elite Chicken & Sweet Potato is just the ticket!


Us humanoids at NHHQ especially enjoy a blackberry crumble and custard on our return (particularly if we have foraged for the blackberries ourselves on the walk – so thrifty and satisfying!) so we make sure that we stride out during our autumn escapades to ensure we have burnt a few calories before putting them back in again!

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