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My New Year's Resolutions by Kiki, Age 5, Labrador Retriever

1. Fetch Champion Training: Commit to daily fetch sessions to become the tail-wagging champion of the park – fastest paws win!

2. Remember Dinner Time isn't a Race: Slow down when my bowl, full of yummy dog food is put in front of me. It's not a race! 

3. Trick-a-Month Challenge: Learn a new, paw-some trick every month – from high-fives to playing dead. Prepare to amaze and earn extra treats!

4. Fitness Fur-ventures: Embark on thrilling walks or playtimes twice a day – become an adventure-seeking, tail-wagging explorer.

5. Paw-lite Society: Strive to be the friendliest pup at the park – sniff, play, and wag with every four-legged friend in sight.

6. Obedience Olympics: Listen like a pro and obey commands at lightning speed – aiming for the gold in good behaviour.

7. Zen Doggie: Practice the art of patience, especially with tiny humans and when treats are on the line. Deep breaths and no drooling!

8. Toy Treasure Keeper: Protect and organise my toy stash – no more toy-destroying, just cherishing my chewy treasures.

9. Spa Day Enthusiast: Embrace baths and grooming like a true spa aficionado – come out looking like the fluffiest, most dapper doggo in town.

10. Cuddle Champion: Amp up the love with extra cuddles and kisses for my human pack – show them they're the best part of my waggy world! 🐾🎉

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