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Top 10 Christmas Wish List by Kiki, Labrador Retriever

1. Endless Supply of Treats: All the tasty snacks I can dream of, especially those cheesy ones!

2. Squeaky Toys Galore: A basket full of new squeaky toys, because you can never have too many and they all make such fun sounds and I know my fur Mummy loves it when she stands on one and it squeaks at her!

3. Comfy New Bed: A big, fluffy bed that's just right for long naps and stretching out.

4. 5 walks everyday in the woods: You can't have enough walks I say! More walks in the woods, with extra time to sniff EVERY tree and bush.
dog telling santa what he wants for christmas
5. Unlimited Belly Rubs and Back Scratches: An endless supply of belly rubs and back scratches from my fur-ever family.

6. A Swimming Pool of My Own: A dog-friendly swimming pool where I can splash and play fetch to my heart's content.

7. Automatic Ball Launcher: For non-stop fetch games, even when my humans are busy.

8. Personal Chef: Meals prepared by a personal chef, with all my favourite Nature's Harvest foods and healthy treats.

9. Adventure Trips: Exciting adventure trips, like hiking in the mountains or visiting new beaches.

10. My Fur-ever Home and Family: Most importantly, a loving, furever home with a family who adores me.


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